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live pain free with help from lucid lane

I appreciate my counselor to the 10th power. It’s helping me cope with my pain and chronic frustration that is overwhelming. Emotionally it’s tough to have pain. My counselor is outstanding.

Knowing that my counselor knew what I was going through (sometimes before I experienced it) and was always there for me was a tremendous help for my taper journey.

I have to say words cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing support and therapy I received these past few months. You, the group, and my therapist Stephanie, were a true godsend.

— Lucid Lane User

Imagine my relief when I finally found a skilled therapist who understood my struggle! This much needed support has been invaluable.”

Lucid Lane set me up with the BEST coach ever! She’s there when I really need her and really listens to my concerns and gives great feedback.