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Work at Lucid Lane

Lucid Lane is a fast growing digital health startup on a transformative mission to prevent and reduce medication and substance dependence and make a significant positive impact in this huge societal challenge. We’re backed by top tier VC firms, including Battery Ventures, and have recently raised $4M in seed round. 

Lucid Lane’s proprietary, consumer-first clinical pathway is designed to revolutionize the treatment of medication and substance dependence. Our data-driven digital health protocol enables our clinical team of licensed therapists to deliver personalized interventions in a timely fashion through tele-health. We use smart monitoring and personalized treatment plans, and easy access to health professionals to make it easier for people to prevent and taper from medication and substance dependence.

Lucid Lane’s innovative vTPS Program (Virtual Transitional Pain Service) allows members to gain a greater understanding of pain management, reducing the likelihood of developing chronic pain, medication dependence and the occurrence of rehospitalization. Our members experience an improvement in their quality of life, emotional well-being and overall functioning within just a few sessions. We invite you to join our Lucid Lane team and be a pioneer in this new and exciting field of Virtual Transitional Pain Service.

Available positions