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Info For Providers

Lucid Lane gives you a framework for clinical success so you can administer the care your patient needs. Our comprehensive medication and pain management services integrate seamlessly with your existing practice to help support your patient’s total wellness.

Our program was designed by a multidisciplinary team of board-certified physicians including addiction medicine specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, public health experts, perioperative and pain physicians.

Lucid Lane brings confidential support directly to your patient, anytime they need it, anywhere they are.

Virtual Transitional Pain Service

The comprehensiveness of a virtual transitional pain service offers a new standard of care for people going through surgery. Early results from our clinical trials indicate that Lucid Lane dramatically reduces the rate of opioid dependence after surgery.

Medication Taper Management

We are pioneering the field of medication taper management, working in collaboration with prescribing doctors to safely taper patients off of medications that carry high risk of dependence. Early results show that our method effectively tapers patients off opioids on average by 50% in three months, and benzodiazepines on average by 50% in six months.

Behavioral Health

Utilizing a combination of cognitive behavior therapy, pain coaching, mindfulness, and psychotherapy, Lucid Lane counselors help our members manage their pain, mental wellness, and emotional-wellbeing. Early clinical data shows that 3-4 sessions with Lucid Lane leads to improved pain and pain catastrophizing.

“This is a service that many of the patients I encounter need and can benefit from. I know this team and look forward to working with them.”

— Oncologist, Redwood City, CA