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Frequently Asked Questions

About Lucid Lane

What is Lucid Lane?

Lucid Lane empowers people to live better and healthier lives by providing personalized mental and behavioral health telemedicine via licensed counselors in over 35 states. Our members get individualized weekly therapy sessions by a dedicated licensed counselor, daily real-time on-call counseling support and on-going health checks as well as weekly group support for your specific needs. We use mind-body therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness to help improve your emotional well-being and quality of life.


What services does Lucid Lane offer?

Lucid Lane offers the following services: Lucid Lane Services


What is Lucid Lane’s approach to treating anxiety, depression and mental health issues?

Lucid lane connects you with a dedicated licensed counselor based on your preferences and needs. Our counselors partner with you to define your goals after a comprehensive evaluation of your history. We use scientifically-proven therapy methods that have been shown to improve mood. Our program monitors your health signals across depression, anxiety, functioning, and quality of life. Our member platform uses an algorithm to help anticipate and prevent challenges to your progress, by identifying high-risk periods and escalating treatment at critical moments. Between regular scheduled visits, members can text their dedicated counselors to work through challenges as they arise and join support groups facilitated by our counselors and connect with other members who are on the same journey.


What is Lucid Lane’s approach to treating medication dependence?

Patients with medication dependence often have been mistreated by the healthcare system when they arrive to Lucid Lane. They have been started on medications without much guidance, and then labeled as addicts or drug-seeking. Our leadership has extensive professional and lived experience with medication dependence. We do not treat medication dependence like drug addiction.

Our approach has three components and is firmly grounded in the latest medical science.

First, our therapists provide therapy alternatives to help reduce your reliance on medications. For benzodiazepines, our therapists provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which as been shown to increase the success and comfort of tapers. For opioids, are therapists provide mind-body therapies and CBT for chronic pain, which has also been scientifically proven to improve pain scores and reduce reliance on opioids.

Second, our web portal monitors your health signals, and uses an algorithm to aggregate that data to adjust your treatment to the level of intensity needed to help you succeed. Our portal helps you anticipate worsening of your symptoms so you can take breaks from tapering and increase your support. It also helps identify progress, and when to increase the velocity of your tapers to reach your goal faster and comfortably.

Thirdly, we work with your prescribing doctor. Surveys show that doctors find tapering stressful, don’t know how to diagnose addiction, and thus often abruptly discontinue medications due to misperceptions of addiction and misuse. Our therapists specialize in monitoring for addiction, reassure your physicians of your diagnosis, and help educate on the difference between medication dependence and addiction, to advocate for a safe, comfortable, and humane medical treatment.


What is Lucid Lane’s approach to treating substance use?

Lucid Lane uses evidence-based approaches that have been shown to decrease substance use (and the problems that arise from substance use), such as motivational enhancement therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness based tools. We also link people to medications that help reduce cravings. We treat addiction as a chronic disease that requires compassion and treatment. We understand every member is unique, and set out to understand your unique life story and goals to reduce or stop your substance use.


What is Lucid Lane’s approach to treating chronic pain?

The latest science endorses three types of treatment for pain – pills, procedures, and mind-body therapies (MBTs). Our therapists provide MBTs which can be used in addition to pills and procedures provided by your doctor to optimize your pain relief. MBTs don’t have any side effects and don’t depend on your next doctor’s visit. They work on the mind-body connection to disrupt pain. As an example, one of the tools we use was studied and showed to reduce pain intensity scores by 29%. MBTs are provided through a dedicated therapist and in group sessions with other members on the same journey. 


What is the time commitment?

Lucid Lane is intended to fit into your life and needs. We understand that you have a busy life and you are looking for support that is daily and real-time, discrete, personalized, empathetic and fits into your daily routine. Typically, you should see progress within weeks of starting the program. Our philosophy is to go at your pace and iteratively adjust as you make progress. Our program intensity can be increased or decreased based on your needs and your consultation with your dedicated counselor.


How personalized will my program be?

Your personal counselor will be working with MDs to create your unique care plan which is customized for your goals, needs, values and personality. Your care plan will evolve in congruence with your unique situation and will be retailored as often as necessary by our care team.

Lucid Lane’s clinical protocol interprets health signals and creates a unique and personalized treatment plan for behavioral health and continuously customizes the treatment plan with changing health signals. This includes determining the most relevant behavioral health interventions.


How do I sign up for Lucid Lane?

You can sign-up for Lucid Lane at this Sign-Up page. Fill out the short questionnaire and our counselors will contact you immediately to on-board you into our program.


How old do I need to be for your program?

You need to be 18 years or older to participate in our program.


Will insurance cover Lucid Lane?

Yes we accept all commercial insurance plans as well as Medicare and Tricare West.


How can I cancel my Lucid Lane subscription?

Please contact us through one of the following channels to cancel:

  1. Call us at 1-800-604-2461.

  2. Email us at [email protected]

  3. Contact the on-call counselor through the Web Member Portal.


On Boarding & Daily Usage


How do I sign-up and start the program?

You can sign-up for Lucid Lane at this Sign-Up page. Fill out the short questionnaire and our counselors will contact you immediately to on-board you into our program.


How quickly will someone contact me to start the program?

Our licensed counselors will contact you immediately after you submit the Sign-Up form.


Health Coaches & Messaging


Who are the counselors? Why do I need a counselor?

Your personal licensed counselor will play an important role in gathering relevant information about your unique situation and providing you coaching and support throughout our engagement. They will then confer with doctors and together they will create your unique care plan. During the course of your program, your personal counselor will be communicating with you and tracking relevant symptoms and variables DAILY and working with your care team on an on-going basis to ensure that you’re making progress. You can expect regular communication with your counselor. You can also reach your counselor via text messaging, email, phone, web member portal and mobile app anytime with questions and concerns.


Will I have the same counselor throughout my program?

Yes. You will have the same coach throughout your program.


When I message my counselor, am I connecting with a live person?

Yes. When you send a message to a counselor, a live person will review and respond to your message promptly.


What if I have an emergency?

If you are in an emergency situation, in imminent risk, have thoughts of hurting/killing yourself or anyone else, please call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room. We are not an emergency psychiatric service.




Is my information private?

Your privacy and security are paramount. We provide a fully accredited and licensed medical provider, with board-certified (and board-eligible) psychiatrists. Our systems, product and procedures are HIPAA compliant.


How do I know that my billing info is secure and will not be used to identify me?

To ensure anonymity, Lucid Lane uses a third party services that will verify, charge, and handle all billing on our behalf. This process is secure and completely private.