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Lucid Lane

Get your workforce moving beyond pain and improve employee health while lowering costs.

Lucid Lane helps employers reduce healthcare costs

Lucid Lane patients experience significantly fewer adverse events including, zero post-surgery rehospitalization, emergency visits or overdoses, leading to reduced healthcare costs.

Cost savings to employers



Derived cost savings per MSK surgery patient, 12 months post surgery treated by Lucid Lane for Surgery Pain Management.

Chronic Pain, the invisible disability

Prescription painkillers are easy to get into but hard to escape. 50 Million Americans are living with chronic pain that negatively affects their daily living, with 20% on prescription opioids to treat the pain.

Chronic Pain

50 M

50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain annually

10 M

20% chronic patients on opioids

$625 B

Annual cost of chronic pain ue to ineffective surgeries an harmful pharmaceuticals is more than the cost of heart disease and cancer combined.

Post Surgery Pain

90 M

90 million surgery patients, out of 100 million surgeries, receive an opioid prescription

15 M

10% – 25% of patients develop persistent opioid use after surgery

$37 B

Healthcare dollars spent managing post-op opioid dependence

What Lucid Lane Offers

Lucid Lane is a digital health solution that prevents medication dependence and improves pain and mental health through tele-counseling and digital technology. Services are clinically proven to produce clinical outcomes for the prevention of developing persistent opioid use while improving pain and mental health.


  • Longitudinal support for pain and general mental health

  • 1-4 sessions per month with a counselor

  • CBT Pain and Mental Health Therapy

  • Opioid taper management

  • Remote Patient Monitoring & proactive escalation via mobile app

  • 24/7 care escalation

Surgery Pain Management

  • Typically 6-8 sessions for pain coaching pre and post surgery
  • CBT Pain Therapy
  • Education and expectation-setting for surgical pain and postoperative opioid use
  • Surgery-specific opioid recommendations
  • Remote Patient Monitoring & proactive escalation via the mobile app
  • 24/7 care escalation

How to offer Lucid Lane to your employees


Lucid Lane contracts with self-insured employers to offer services at a per member per month rate, all-inclusive and available nationwide. (Please note, this is per member that signs up for the service, not per employee at the company).


Lucid Lane is covered by many private and government health plans in various states including Cigna, Humana, BlueCross BlueShield, Anthem, UnitedHealthcare, Medicare, and many more. Lucid Lane bills member health insurance directly for payments.


Employees can self pay for Lucid Lane services per month.

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